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This site is hosted by WordPress. I did’t want to put my dns at wordpress, so I had to redirect the site from my server to wordpress, using proxypass and mod_substitute. What didn’t work is fixing the links: they would still go to wordpress. Until now: I found the missing apache directive that made mod_substitute work. It’s frustrating that you sometimes need to put a lot of time in learning stuff you don’t want to know.

But now it works!

A sad letter…

Mr Anton van Duyl, husband of the painter Therese Schwartze, died July, 1918. The notification Schwartze wrote to her friend Nell Frank in Tenby (UK) took three weeks to arrive, because of WW1. This is the comforting letter Nell wrote back to Schwartze. It is extra sad now we know that Therese Schwartze herself died a few months later.

August 31st

My darling girl,
I received your letter yesterday, written more than 3 weeks ago. How dreadful it is that we are so far from each other! I was thankful to hear because I was suffering much anxiety about you.

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Beste Threesje,

In 1881 schreef de Larense schilderes Etha Fles een brief aan Thérèse Schwartze, ook schilderes, maar dan in Amsterdam. Als je met onze ogen die brief leest, dan druipt het sarcasme er af, echter, ik denk dat de brief geheel serieus bedoeld is. Fles had grote bewondering voor Schwartze, en dat liet ze merken. Fles was niet de enige. Ook Wally Moes was idolaat van Schwartze, blijkt uit Moes’ autobiografie. Fles en Moes hebben enige tijd samen gewoond in een boerderij in Laren. Of je daar wat uit moet afleiden weet ik niet, uit de postuum verschenen autobiografie zijn door de erfgenamen enige passages verwijderd omdat die “te persoonlijk” waren.

Wat Schwartze op de brief geantwoord heeft weet ik niet, ik kan alleen raden op basis van meer brieven die Fles aan Schwartze heeft geschreven. Wat mooi is om te zien: in 1881 hoefde je geen adres op een brief te zetten, die kwam toch wel aan. Het potlood opschrift is waarschijnlijk van Lizzy Ansingh, Schwartze’s nichtje.


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Are PGP and S/MIME broken?

EFF published this article today, causing massive panic among PGP and S/MIME users. EFF is referring to  a research paper that wasn’t even available when they published.

Shortly after, Werner Koch published a message saying EFF was overreacting.

After that, the original research paper became available. It says there is a vulnerabitlity in PGP and S/MIME software using HTML, CSS or X509 functionality. If you don’t use those, you’re safe, afaik. Also, the attack seems to be quite sophisticated, it’s not something any script kiddy would do.

It’s bad that encryption software is broken. But the media should not cause massive panic based on a document that is not available. EFF may have realized what was going on, but the media quoting EFF certainly didn’t. So don’t send out a message that something “is broken” if the actual situation is more subtle than that.